Monday, June 18, 2012

Nail Art Inspiration: Candy Paint

Well, I battled my "Nail Art ADD".  After some web surfing around some nail blogs, I stopped on one of my favourite pages: Candy Paint.  Her designs are always wonderful!  Her page is where I got the idea for my ring finger on this mani

Sweet right?!  Totally.  So when I saw these, you know I HAD to try it!

Mesmerized, I got out my newest, prettiest neon pink (Orly's La Vida Loca), my favourite blue (Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away), gold (Sally Hansen nail art pen brush thing) and black (China glaze Liquid Leather). As with all my nail art, the best representation is always my left hand (since I am right-handed). After a few splotchy mistakes on my thumb, I was pretty pleased with how my index finger turned out.

And after more messing around with my sewing pin and makeup sponge, I was pretty proud of my left hand

Today's nails

My right hand isn't as pretty but it still looks cute. I definitely love Candy Paint's way better than my version but at least I tried, right?!  I was getting lots of compliments (especially from the Big Boss' little ones).  Now that I feel confident in my animal prints (again) I might try another all-over animal print with a technique Christian shared with me.  Or I could go to her but I need a plan first.  I think I'll make my appointment with her before my trip.  Where am I going?  I won't say right now but know this: I am very excited!