Monday, October 15, 2012

Adventures with Coffee - The Cappuccino Take 2!

Grounds French Press Hot water Whisk Press Pour Add milk Foam (could be better)

1. El Coqui coffee grounds / 2. My sweet little French Press / 3. Letting the coffee steap with my boiled water / 4. While my coffee was steaping, I warmed some creamer and started whisking / 5. Time to press / 6. Time to pour / 7. Add creamer to the coffee / 8. My foamed creamer (using a whisk and plenty elbow grease)

I think I'm on the right track but I know what I need: a percolator.  Dammit!  If only I could find some place that would sell them...Oh yeah - Bed, Bath and Beyond!  Yep!  They had one and I broke down to get it PLUS an immersion blender.  Why?  Well, it's pretty versatile.  We can make soups, creams, sauces, and most importantly, I can use it to whisk my milk!  W used to make me these AMAZING cappuccinos on random days when I would come visit and she used her immersion blender to make the prettiest foam.  Why it took me so long, I have no idea.  I guess maybe I needed more justification for an immersion blender and, well, Fall = soups, "cream of things" soups and lots of whipped topping for the upcoming pies that I'm sure will be baked.  Cappuccinos just happen to jump in on all the fun on random mornings!  I hope my new experiment works because I can't keep throwing money at the big-chain coffee house and I can't just leave that wonderful coffee that was sent for me to sit and look pretty!  Believe me, I'd much rather throw money at local coffee houses but OTP is severely lacking in the indie coffee department.  Oh well.  I'll be sure to document it and hopefully, it will be a success!

PS - I'm really loving the simplicity of the RTV Film on the Hipstamatic.  Have you downloaded the Rock The Vote FreePak?  You've got until November to snag it!  The combo I used on these photos was: the Tejas Lens (from the SXSW FreePak - another Pak that I love) and the RTV Film

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