Thursday, October 18, 2012

American Horror Story: Asylum - Welcome to Briarcliff Indeed

(This post is semi-NSFW)

Okay, so I know that everyone is like "ERMAHGERD American Horror Story scares me so much" but I'm like, "Yeah, I've seen it all before".  Yeah, mmmhmm, same deal this season, folks.  Nothing in that show really scares me BUT do you want to know why I love it?

Some spoilers under the cut!

Evan mother-lovin' Peters. Holy shit. That kid.  That kid freaking RULES my face off and I'm so glad he's back - not as Tate, our loveable 90's teenage rage ghostly antihero - but as Kit, as 60's gas station attendant who has married *GASP* a black girl and gets aliens.
Alien abductions in the 60's.  Gotta love it.

Okay, okay, let me back up.

American Horror Story season 2 premiered last night and let's just say that it started off with a BANG (literally) courtesy of some sexy time with Adam Levine.

I know it was a bit much BUT it wouldn't be American Horror Story if it wasn't. Guh. This whole scene was way too short. Yes, the pervy girl in me still wants more. Don't you?! Holy crap! I was afraid I was going to start panting during that scene. And the other scene between Tate Kit and his lovely wife Alma. I can't find a gif for that right now but I'm sure it's coming since the Tumblr-verse is freaking the fuck out.
Anyways - I'm happy to see that my secret girl-crush Clea Duvall is joining the cast as well as Chloƫ Sevigny. How wonderful are they?! And how wonderful is Lizzie Brochere?!

This season will be quite wonderful, I think. Dylan McDermott and Zachary Quinto are coming back too! (hooray!)

Hello there, Mr. Quinto

AND let's talk about Joseph freakin Fiennes

I see good things with his character. I mean, that whole fantasy scene with Jessica Lange and Joseph Fiennes was a little unnerving but who wouldn't fantasize about him like that?! Too bad she didn't turn into Alexandra Breckenridge. I know that wasn't her character last season but still - I need more of her in my life. She was practically perfect last season. Talk about fantasy-inducing. I guess if she had been in the first episode, my head would've exploded from the sexy over-load on cable TV.

Maybe she will return - as another character (like Tate / Kit).  Fingers crossed!!

What did you think about last night's episode?

I HAD to add this Tweet I saw regarding Evan Peters