Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photo Post - Weekend Antics

Pizza baker Hello sprinkles Ponderosa Magic in my front yard Just a couple of turkeys

Outside Mellow Mushroom in Suwanee / Inside Rita's for some frozen custard /Ponderosa killing it during L5F at Criminal Records / A beautiful butterfly that was hanging out in my yard and was nice enough to pose for photos / A couple of turkeys at Z Gallerie

And now for a series I will call "Katzi's First French Press"

French Press French Press French Press French Press mess

Since the old man doesn't particularly like coffee, there's been no need to ever get a coffee maker but my mom's cousin remembered that I really REALLY liked coffee from the reunion trip so she sent me some. Since I didn't own a brewer or need a large one, my mom and I settled on this reasonably priced French Press.  Yes, I made a mess - I wouldn't be me if I hadn't.  It turns out that what I really need is a percolator so...I'm on the hunt!