Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

After putting it out there that I was going to be Marceline, the Put a Bird On It folks or recycling a costume or two from last year...for this year's Halloween, I've been struck by costume gold.
I had seen the trailer already but it came and went like the changing of seasons.
What am I talking about?  The movie GOLD that is THE FP.
Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about?  Educate yourself

That's right - a post apocalyptic Dance Dance Revolution movie. Fuck. Yes.
Yes, I played the game and yes, I like to think I was pretty good but my brother can THROW DOWN just as well as JTRO and the rest of The FP crew.  So?  Mix a little happy hardcore and hard dance from my trusty Digitally Imported app + part of my Killjoys outfit and BOOM - instant FP costume!

This is all I can show...for now. The rest will come later.  We have 2 rehearsals before the little office party starts.
Too bad I didn't share this gem with my coworkers earlier. It would've made an AMAZING group costume.

What are you going to be today?!

This happened

And here's a quick peek at my costume

Major fangirling right now! Too bad I have a 6a call time tomorrow or else I'd go to Lala's party and share in the fun. Oh well. Maybe next year?