Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Project Runway: In A Place Far, Far Away - the Recap!

Sorry for the EXTREMELY LATE Project Runway recap!  I've been trying to get to it but I haven't had the chance!  Ugh - and it was the big one right before Fashion Week: the always delicious Avant-Garde challenge!
I LOVED the inspiration idea: characters from a new L'Oreal Paris line of makeup (I forgot what it was called - SORRY!)  The designers / muses went as follows:
Fabio - Enchanted Queen
Sonjia - Seductive Temptress
Dmitry - Wise Mystic
Melissa - Artsy Muse
Christopher got to pick since he won the last challenge and he was the last one picked and he went with - Enchanted Queen.

I think it was the long day of traveling or maybe I was in a funky mood but I wasn't too thrilled with anyone's except for Christophers even though his looked like Michael C's evening dress.
Check it


A little similar but Christopher took more of the costume route for this Avant-Garde challenge - which I LOVE but then again, every time I think of the Avant-Garde challenge, I think back to Christian's GORGEOUS dress

A little costumey but ALL GLAM. So Christopher's, while it was channeling Michael C's, I thought was pretty - even with the feathered arm pieces! Kors wasn't a fan but I really enjoyed the costume aspect since they all had characters as their muses.

Fabio's Enchanted Queen was a little less costumey but definitely Avant-Garde.  How?  DAT JACKET.

Fabio said he drew inspiration from when he used to wear his shirts upside down (guilty of that) so he literally turned this jacket upside down. When it's worn one way, it creates a really pretty shape but when it's worn the other way, it makes a whole different shape. I loved his explanation for how he wanted to show the dualities of a person in power - put together on the outside and falling apart on the inside. UGH - SO GOOD!  Again, it was getting into the costume arena but I like that sort of thing.

Sonjia got a tongue lashing from Tim.  He told her that she wasn't designing to the best of her abilities and that ultimately got her sent home.  Thank goodness because her designs were slipping.  Case in point - this hot mess:

Enchanting Temptress? I don't think so. Maybe the producers wanted her gone so they "stole" her gold fabric at Mood? Who knows. Either way, this was a DISASTER.  The illusion wasn't anywhere near the model's skin tone and it looked like she ripped down some curtains - and NOT in the chic Gone With The Wind way.  Sonjia's been phoning it in the last few challenges and this definitely seals that deal.

I loved Melissa's - if it had been for another challenge, I would've loved it even more.  I don't think it was quite Avant-Garde for the Artsy Muse, erm, muse but it worked.

The colours were great together and the pattern on the skirt was wonderful but as far Avant-Garde is concerned, I'm not quite sure this really fit. I mean, the structured collar was a nice touch and the red lining in the skirt was cute but nothing really stood out as different.  I guess Melissa using bright colours was the Avant-Garde part, eh?  Cute.

Dmitry took home the win with his Avant-Garde school teacher with a bejeweled collar thing.  Not to rag on my From Russia with Love BF but I was a little confused by this Wise Mystic....


Dracular collar? Check. Expert tailoring? Check.  Anything else?  Um...not really.  I mean, he did make a well-tailored suit and thoroughly confused everyone with the addition of the Dracula collar and the weird sleeves that you can't really see.  I don't know.  Maybe Heidi liked the subdued sex appeal of the foxy-looking cutout on the front of the top (very clever) and the super-high slit up the skirt in the back?  I don't know but at least he got props for his immaculate tailoring.  I guess that counts for a win.

Since they had characters as muses, I wish they had been able to take more of the costume route.  I think that's what was hurting everyone.  They had these wonderful fairy tale characters to work with but Tim steered them away from the costume area but I think if they were able to make Avant-Garde costumes, it would've been a little better.  I mean, imagine that!  I think I would've preferred that challenge outcome to this one because I know Fabio could've gone further into a more upscale, couture Joan of Arc-type look and Christopher's would've been CRAZY.  I just know it!  Oh well.  I guess we can't all get what we want.

Next week, our designers prep for Fashion Week and I'm super excited to see non-blurry photos of the experience!

Who are you rooting for?

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