Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Highway to the Danger Zone

Sorry for the lack of posts - work is running me into the ground right now with filming and all...

One plus, though, is this:

That's right, my most favorite movie is on IMAX 3D (for a short time!!) and I went to see it with Heather and her husband on Sunday night. I even convinced the old man to see it with me!  It was AWESOME!!

Top Gun is one of those movies that I LOVE but I never got to see in theaters because I was too young but I am so glad they re-released it because it was so much fun to see on the big screen!  And on IMAX no less!  Hurry up and check out Maverick and the crew before it's over!

Don't forget that Jurassic Park is next in the IMAX 3D experience and I CANNOT wait!!  I definitely saw that one in theaters and it was amazing when I was a kid.  I can't wait to experience it on the big screen now!  It's going to be AWESOME!!