Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Morning Crafts

What do you do when you're transcoding a large-ish group of videos and the server where your working projects are is kinda down?  Make these cute little 8-bit Valentine heart boxes!

I found this wonderful tutorial through Craftgawker and pinned it for others to share!  Be sure to follow the Minted Strawberry blog because there are lots of other sweet DIY treats for you to try and share!

DIY 8-bit heart boxes DIY 8-bit heart boxes DIY 8-bit heart boxes

These will soon be ready to string up and hang once my mythical shelf (which has finally arrived - with a large gouge on one side - thanks Ikea!) is assembled and ready...  And who knows - maybe some lucky Valentines around the office will get one of these cuties next week ^__^