Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Gif Party!

I'm a day late to the Wednesday Gif Party - I know, I know...I'm sorry!  I've been fighting a sinus infection since Tuesday night and I've been pretty grouchy.  I took a sick day yesterday to see if some rest would do me some good, and it did, but I'm still a little under the weather.
I had ZERO motivation to leave the house today but I had a doctor's appointment that I could NOT miss.  I'll spare you the details but all was well!  No, it wasn't for my sinus infection, it was for part 2 of my other ailment.  Don't worry, it's nothing major but it is something that needs to be checked out.  My doctor recommended me for part 3 of my medical specialist journey, so I guess that will take over my need to get my wisdom teeth out again.  Meh - what are you gonna do...

Anyways - on to the delayed Gif Party!

I love Sleeping Beauty, so any time it pops up on my dash, I'm really quick on the reblog button!

Like I said, really quick with the reblog button!

and because it was raining on my way into work this morning, here's a pretty accurate description of driving in the rain in Georgia

I know I already blogged about it in my last post but here's a gif of my costume this year: Fionna!

PS - Sweet babies! My mom informed me that my Cake plush AND sword have both arrived in the mail! Hooray!

I saw this come across my dash and I would LOVE to find the video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt performing "Super Bass"! *Swoon*

See the gif set here

New Childish Gambino dropping soon!!

Reverse cotton candy eating (for much-needed laughs)

I feel like this was the ONLY Pokemon episode that ever aired because, well, it was the only one that was on when I would turn the TV on, so for sentimental value, here's this cute little gif.

The greatest thing I've discovered on Tumblr has got to be food gifs. They are really quite wonderful (but horrible to watch when you're hungry)

See the gif set here

And because I'm feeling pretty sick today, here's one for the hell of it.

Maybe I'll snap out of it (with some rest and some hot soup) and be back at it in no time!