Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Gif Party!

Here's last week's gif party!

From the funniest (IMO) scene from This is The End, here's a "friendly" exchange between James Franco and Danny McBride

See the gif set here

Since Double D was in town, I gave him his WAY overdue Christmas present. I know, I'm terrible. What was it? Oh, you know, just Shakespeare's Love Sonnets. My most favorite thing in the world. I thought it was an appropriate gift to give my bestest best friend in the entire universe. To honor that, here's Tom Hiddleston reading Sonnet 18

See the gif set here

Changing course, here's a gif of a movie I'm VERY excited about: Filth.

Bryan Cranston reads a fan letter he received.

See the gif set here

This one has music! Click here!

Some Klaine lovin' from last week's super sweet episode!

Because I love the Ace Ventura movies as much as I do (who doesn't?!), here's some classic Ace Ventura antics

So...Jeremy Renner was in P!nk's Trouble video?!

Jamie Campbell-Bower, you handsome guy, you

Shhh - don't tell my brother I haven't seen City of Bones yet! He'd be really upset if he found out I didn't!

Here's a gif commemorating the "death" of The Black Parade (which happened to be on my birthday in 2008)

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And here's a bonus gif because I saw Wavves last night and it was AWESOME (as always!)

Happy Wednesday!