Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Gif Party!

I'm back on track, baby!

I'll start it off with some Twilight awkwardness for you...

Been watching a lot of Supernatural while I've been sick and it has been GREAT! Now...if I could just catch up to Season 9...

See the gif set here!

I was watching something about the dinosaurs the other day and this feels appropriate

So does this...

Check out these classic movies lines that have been updated for the "Digital Age". It was hard to choose a favorite but this one is pretty up there!

See the gif set here

Here's Traci Lords from Cry-Baby giving me major hair, make-up AND wardrobe envy right now!

Because this is what we're all thinking when we see this, right?

And because I enjoy this so much, I'll share this with you!

And then...there's THIS

Happy Wednesday!