Friday, November 22, 2013

My job did a thing...

So, we had a BIG announcement at work on Wednesday.  We rebranded AND we announced our super-secret partnership with XBOX Fitness!  Check out the video:

I'll give you a hint at who did the camerawork and lighting...LOL
Actually, I can't take all the credit on the lighting - that goes to my Production Supervisor. He's a BEAST when it comes to lighting! Check out this side-by-side we did while we were testing our lighting set-up for the announcement video shoot:

He did such a great job (and Heather was nice enough to sit in for us to get some test footage).  I'm so glad we can now green screen instead of fudging through it with some grey paper and and RGB Key.  Okay, okay, enough nerd talk.

I am really excited about the XBOX Fitness partnership, though.  The classes are AWESOME - and I'm not just saying that because I work there, I'm saying it because it's true!  They're only 30 minutes and time flies by while you're doing it!  If you're one of the lucky ones to snag an XBOX One, I urge you to try the Mossa classes!  I believe they're free for a year if you have an XBOX Gold membership...I'm not sure how the memberships work since my old man is the keeper of the XBOX at our house (it's just a Netflix / Hulu box for me! Ha!).

But seriously - try the Mossa workouts.  They're great.  I never thought I'd enjoy the Mossa Fight workout (because Group Kick always intimidates me) but Fight is so much fun and you'll feel AMAZING afterwards!  Take it from me!  It's the thing I needed to break my weight-loss plateau.

Who's getting an XBOX One?  Let me know how you like the Mossa workouts!

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