Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Gif Party!

Phew!  I'm on time and I come bearing gifs!  LOL

Bless Blaine and his twerking (but I'm sure glad that was the END of it...)

Remember this sweet little goofball...

...who turned into this handsome man?

Adriana Lima from my newest tag "BAD BITCH ROLL CALL"

This gif makes me want to take the band footage I have and gif ALL OF IT

This makes me sad that I can't flip my hair (for now, at least...)

Watch that caramel drizzle...

See the gif set here (you know you want to!)

One of the coolest parts about the film "The Fifth Element" (for me, anyways) is the fact that there are lots of models in it! When I was a kid, I loved hearing all those great facts about that film because at the time, models weren't all up in our faces with Instagram and Facebook and blah blah blah, so I loved that Luc Besson and Jean Paul Gaultier had all these great models in Gaultier's great costumes. Also, Jean Paul Gaultier put his hands on EVERY SINGLE COSTUME in the film to make sure that it was exactly right. That tiny little fact has always stayed with me.

See the gif set with 8 other stunning models from the film here


And here it is - the elusive perfect loop

Happy Wednesday!

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