Monday, November 18, 2013

Three Day Weekend Antics

Not gonna lie - I feel like I've kinda been allergic to taking photos lately. I don't know why exactly, but picking up my camera / phone to document things just isn't the first thing I do anymore.  It feels weird and in order to combat that, I picked up my camera a few times this weekend to try and get back in the swing of things.

Green screen! Sulking around Channeling my inner Blaine Anderson
Green screen lighting tests at work / Sulking around Corner Bakery on Friday morning / Channeling my inner Blaine Anderson with this sweet bow tie I got for the old man (and myself) from H&M.

Also - I got a haircut!  This is the shortest it has EVER been!  On a whim (as always) I made an appointment with my girl Sheila (at Toni & Guy - North Point) and let her go to town.  At first, I was afraid that I had made a crazy decision in the sleep-deprived state I was in but I LOVE IT!!!  Of course I love it!  Sheila always does the best cuts on me!  I highly recommend her!!

Stay Home Club

My Stay Home Club items came in forever ago and my Mom was nice enough to drop them off for me.  I LOVE them!  The "I Miss You" card is going to someone very special on the West Coast but the No New Friends shirt has to be my new favorite shirt (which I'm planning a new outfit around)...right next to my most recent purchase...


That's right - my Jax Teller mugshot shirt is pretty awesome and right up there with my No New Friends shirt!

Peeta's necklace 1 Peeta's necklace 2 Peeta's necklace 3

And because I'm all excited about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire coming out soon, I bought Peeta's necklace!
I made the gif using the Gif Shop app.

I mostly tried to lay low since I worked for 3 weeks straight, so I ended up staying at home most of my weekend.  I guess it was a good thing since the weather was nasty.  Did I get any NaNo writing done?  That's a big fat NO.  Ugh...I suck.  I also ended up missing my friends' pop-up shop in Gainesville but I hope she'll understand that I was trying to catch up on sleep.  I think this gif sums it up quite nicely

How was your weekend?