Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My New BFF Season 2 - Golden Girls

I tuned in to Paris Hilton's new season of My New BFF and it was...weird. The cast of 20-somethings looked more like 40-somethings. Well, not all of them but most of them. One girl's foundation didn't even match her skin tone, making her look like a weird, bikini dancing ghost-face. It concerns me that all these young girls look all Leatherface wearing so much caked on make up.

Anyways - the "Hungry Tiger" challenge was hilarious and the "Show and Tell" challenge was even funnier but the pole dancing was only funny because it was so awkward. Most of the girls seemed to be working the pole better than Paris herself. But I'm not pole dancing critic or pro. And I felt really bad for the contestant I'm on the fence about: Stephen. I felt horrible for him when paris called him out to pole dance because you knew all those brohams would be all "Gross, dude. I don't wanna see some dude shake his ass". And when Stephen did a little side interview revealing that he heard a comment like that, I was so sad. But what I didn't understand was Stephen declared he wanted to use Paris as a vehicle for jump-starting his animal resort-thing. Isn't that why she dumped last season's winner, Brittnay? For being a hungry tiger? Whatever. I liked Brittnay. I thought she was cute and well put together and the least fake out of the first cast. Well, except for Onch. There were a lot of memorable people on season 1. Let's hope that season 2 cast members won't be as forgettable as I think they will be.
I'm not trying to be catty or anything - I was talking with my BF, who was half watching-half trying to sleep, and I kept bugging him about how old all the girls looked and he agreed that they looked much, much older than their supposed ages. And he could tell that Katie's makeup was all wrong. (You'll see when they're all in the limo...) And Paris wasn't fooling anyone as her Brooklyn alter ego Gina. Sorry! But I kinda dig Paris with black hair.
I'll try to keep up with these kids because I like the challenges that Paris has. BUT I won't abandon my girl Ashley for Paris!!! No way!!