Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Operation: On a Boat

So, we all know and love I'm On a Boat by Lonely Island, right? Yes, of course we do. I know someone else who likes boats, too. He even owns one. And he's always telling me stories about how him and his family were on Lake Burton for [insert some holiday weekend here].
Well, this friend who likes boats, likes them so much he made one his desktop - making this (awesome) one go away. So, during my media drop off adventure at N.A.P yesterday, I was in Tom's office (while he was with other clients) with Marior and Uncle Larry and we were admiring his boat background when someone (I'm NOT naming names but it WAS NOT me, I swear) said, "Hey! We should Photoshop a naked guy on the back of that boat!" AWESOME. So, I dusted off the ole Photoshopping skills and made the most awesomest boat background photo EVER (starring these guys). Granted, it was all phoned in but it still looked half way decent enough. Tom didn't know about it until this morning and apparently, it was better than Operation: Cornification! Awesome. Awesome to the max.
I feel like I should be afraid of when he's got in store for me, though. Good thing I'm not a full-time employee/client.