Friday, June 26, 2009

Operation: Ghost Ship

All right - with the unmentionable success of Operation: On a Boat, me and my fellow N.A.P. friends decided to take FULL advantage of Tom leaving early yesterday by making another desktop masterpiece dubbed "Operation: Ghost Ship". We weren't sure what route we were going to take it because the enthusiastic gentlemen that graced the boat last time weren't really received well by Tom. What's a girl to do??? Unicorns maybe? Nah - too "Jonathan".
So we gazed long and hard (about 30 seconds) at the other desktop scene from Tom's trip to wine country in CA and decided to have an epic pirate battle. Okay, maybe not epic but we wanted to keep with the boat theme. I originally wanted a T-Rex popping out of the water for no reason at all, right? Awesome! But I didn't feel like cutting out a T-Rex because I knew I had one back at my office. So, I thought about that jumping shark from Planet Earth and wondered if I could Google a breaching shark. Like a gift from the Gods, there it was, in all its glory! So, Larry said to put a ship somewhere in the picture. Immediately, I thought of a pirate ship. Of course! And then Larry sent me another ship to which we decided they were going to have an epic battle! But I didn't feel like Photoshopping that much stuff. So I said shark, pirate ship, ghost pirate ship and what else???? Thank the lord for Marior (aka Cupcake, from now on) because Marior said, "Hey, why don't you put a unicorn bucking on that cliff?" FUCKING GENIUS. So, I found the most retarded one (and the one that would take the least amount of work) and made it happen.
But in the early stages of me Photoshopping this masterpiece, I recieved a text from Tom that said (I kid you NOT): "Stop fucking with my computer!" I assured him we were nowhere near his computer, which fueled the masterpiece even more. The goal was to be subtle but awesome. And I think it worked out nicely.