Tuesday, June 30, 2009

London's return!

I knew this day would come - I just didn't know when, but when 12 Pack said that Sinister's real name was Jeremy Lee, I knew London would return. It was so obvious! And once I saw his leather jacketed self, I squealed like a little schoolgirl. My BF did not enjoy that at all. He thinks London is an asshole and rightfully so. But aren't those "dangerous", punk rock guys the stuff dreams are made of? I say that from experience. My first love was a punk rock guy like London: scrawny, big mouth, bigger attitude, ego, in a band and difficult. We had our many ups and downs throughout the 2 years we dated but all in all, our relationship was fun. Fun like trashing venues, movie moments, stealing things only teenagers would steal, experiencing firsts that I won't mention and a bunch of other stuff that true love evokes. London brings all that back to me. The way he looks at Daisy is the way my ex-BF used to look at me and it makes me swoon every time. And it makes Daisy fall on her ass - which was hilarious. But, I know how Daisy feels. She's charmed by London and so am I. Guys like him are jerks, sure, but it's a love that is timeless. and aren't we all jerks at some point? It's hard to explain but I can say that I totally understand Daisy and London.