Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paris hosts a bachelor party and is surprised some of the girls act like sloots...

I just want to get this out there since it's been bothering me since I watched the episode last night...
I was watching My New BFF last night and was barfing up my dinner most of the episode because of that nasty shot Paris made and the bachelor party hilariousness that was happening. First - let me just say that Monica's eyebrows are crazy and her little lap dance stunt was disgusting. I know the groom-to-be requested a lap dance, so he freakin' got one. So what? It was a little trashy but that's what he wanted. Sure, Monica was acting like a fool but what did you expect? Then, the groom-to-be starts asking for one final, great kiss and Arika was the first person (it seemed), to grab and make out with. Boo on Paris for making her talk the Walk of Shame and kicking her off the show. I know, I know, she kissed another woman's man and that shouldn't have happened but she recognized that it was out of character and they were told to do whatever it took to make the groom-to-be happy and have a great time. You know that guy makes out with other women when he goes out. You just know he does. Also, he probably does because he's an actor and his bride-to-be is an actress and it was all a staged plot for the show. Who knows. All I know is that Kaitlin should have gone home instead of Arika and Monica because of her little hot tub outburst. She contradicted herself so much, I lost track of the conversation. And I would really like to see Kaitin go so that they stop showing/filming her extreme closeup solo interviews. They really freak me out. I'm glad Stephen stood up and put Kaitlin in her place. Thank you Stephen! Hopefully you'll be next week's pet.

Side note: Why can't I stop watching this show???!!!? I hate it and love it at the same time.