Tuesday, July 5, 2011

As with all good things, my trip to Jersey has come to an end

And what a trip it was! I got fireworks on the very first night at Seaside Heights. Got something airbrushed. Went to the Secret Stash AND the Clerks Quick Stop (yep, you're never going to hear the end of that). Liberty Science Center. Experienced a Drag Show at Asbury Park. Rock and Roll Karaoke. Bro Central. Good ole family fun. Work-related things (obvs). Participated in 2 classes back to back (apropos). Watered down Seaside Heights club scene. Beach, beach and more beach. And the most important thing of all: quality time with Cassie. Although the kitchen karaoke might've been a little too much but I think overall, I was a pretty good house guest. I hope she's not totally sick of me already! Especially because I think I talked her face off about the View Askewniverse and all the nerdy things in my life. I guess all the office dish I gave her was fair.

This trip was non-stop and I loved it! I'm almost sad that it's over but I am kinda missing my old man back home and I'm pretty sure he's kinda missing me too. And I can't wait for all the goodies that are awaiting me at work. Can you just feel the love? Me too.

Tonight, we celebrated the 4th by watching 10, yes 10 fireworks shows from Union Beach. I was so amazed that if you're on any shoreline here during a holiday like 4th of July, you can see fireworks shows happening at the same time at multiple beaches in New York AND New Jersey. It was amazing! We were able to catch 5 simultaneous fireworks shows the other night from the Clam Hut - which was crazy - so having 10 shows tonight at the shore was beautiful! There's NOTHING like that in Atlanta...

I also learned what a zeppole was tonight. And a zeppole is freaking delicious. I wish we had those readily available in Atlanta...*le sigh*

I also learned that I suck at carnival games. I tried but I guess I'm not competitive enough. I think Cassie is competitive enough for the both of us. That's why she won us two cheetah/leopard stuffed animals.
Meet Sebastian.

So this is it. My last full night in Jersey.

Since I'm flying out of Atlantic City tomorrow, we're going to *try* and get up early to get to AC early enough to have a little of the AC experience - which I'm really excited about. That way, I can get my Mom her mandatory magnet and maybe get a little something for a co-worker who was supposed to join me but couldn't. Let's hope I don't get caught up in Eli Roth's Tumblr. That kept me up for a good few hours last night (and so did the Red Bull vodkas)...

Happy Fourth everyone!