Monday, July 11, 2011

Body Politik's Super Secret Video Project

Onisha asked me to help her shoot a video for Body Politik over the weekend and while I was capturing the footage this morning, I was really pleased with the results!
I can't say much about it except we were lucky to have the two performers we had:

The lovely Martina

And the very talented Adam

Both were total champs during the shoot and gave me some great material to work with! And as a bonus - we found out that, with a little moving around, we can turn Onisha's bedroom into a makeshift studio space.

I also found out I need more lights but I'll cross that bridge the next time I come to it...

We tried to take some behind the scenes shots but amidst all the chaos, we were only able to take a couple

Behind the scenes of the backdrop


On the rack

On the rack

Behind the scenes - Oni's video shoot

Onisha shooting some product shots

Product shots

Thanks to everyone that helped and I hope to have something ready to post soon!