Monday, July 4, 2011

Jersey, Jersey I am disappoint

Jersey?! What's going on? Last night was fun. I got the watered down version of Jersey Shore-style partying at Windansea with DJ Encore - who gave me a sort of shout out with "ATL in the building" and a CD (which I can't wait to load up on my phone when I get home for some in-office listening)...but tonight...Jersey, I am very disappoint.

First we partied it up at the UB house with the family for a soggy pre-4th of July bar-b-que (which was a little overwhelming) but it was still fun. Then, we did a little karaoke in the kitchen after everyone left. Well, me and Cassie's old man did some karaoke and probably irritated Cassie a l'il bit...then we decided to go out with Cassie's friend who was partying in Red Bank. Good old Red Bank. Home of the Secret Stash, of course. But what awaited us was something I would never flock to back in the A: bros. Lots and LOTS of bros. It's Jersey, so that's to be expected but...not like this.
We met up with Cassie's friend at The Downtown, a place whose upstairs area (where we were) reminded me a little of the layout of 529. But what was going on upstairs was truly a sight to behold: Rock and Roll Karaoke with a live band. Yes, a live band. Sounds awesome, right? It kinda was. The guitarist reminded me a little of Doc Hammer but he looked like he was totally hating life all night. Like, "Okay, that guy decided to be a smart ass and request Sweet Child O' Mine so I have to play that fucking guitar riff..." Poor guy. And the crowd - not the type of crowd I would party with back in Atlanta that's for DAMN sure.
Anyways, people were enjoying themselves while I watched the guitarist expressing a little of how I was feeling at that point but I was still having a good time since I was doing something I wouldn't normally do. Expanding my horizons - always a good thing. But then these bitches started talking shit to Cassie for some reason - even though they were the ones who couldn't stop bumping into people as they danced around like drunken fools (to be totally expected). Now, I know Cassie can take care of herself, absolutely, and I was too busy working off my all day buzz by focusing all my concentration on the situation that was slowly unfolding in front of me - hoping that there wouldn't be a fight. While all of that was going on, I didn't realize that I did my old high school fight move of moving my high profile ring from my ring finger to my middle finger (for maximum face damage to the unsuspecting victim). Luckily there was no fight, even though the girls kept point at Cassie and flipping her off. Cassie handled it like a true lady and for that, I salute her. But I told her that it's kids like that that make me not go to places like that and that's probably why Doc Hammer's dopplegänger was hating life too. I hope he got paid some good money for that gig...

But the whole time I've been here, Cassie has been having me compare the places we've been going to here to places in Atlanta and I have to say that I couldn't find an equivalent to The Downtown because that's not my scene. At least with Paradise I could say it's like Jungle, Funk and Standard is like Junkman's Daughter-ish but the way it used to be before it was in the building it is now, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash is my new mecca BTW, Windansea is like a mashup of MJQ and dress code clubs (like Opera or Cosmo/Lava-which I don't go to) and then there's The Downtown. It was like Athens threw up in there. I was kinda wishing we were back at Windansea for some party rock shuffling.

But I guess there's always "those girls" everywhere - which is what I told Cassie. There can't always be winners. Like I said, at least I did something I would never do at home unless it was somewhere I would normally go. I don't know though. I bet there's a place like that somewhere in Atlanta - live rock band karaoke - I just have to find it and check it out for myself...

Tomorrow is my last full day in Jersey so let's see what the mood will bring. Hopefully I'll get more love because I'm still reeling over the negativity from Paradise and tonight. Yikes! Maybe I didn't get enough sun so some beach time is definitely in order...

Happy Fourth everyone! Stay safe and spread the love! <3 <3 Katzi S.L.Y.A.S.D.I.

Here's some rock and roll karaoke antics for your viewing pleasure: