Monday, September 12, 2011

Project Runway - Can't We All Just Get Along: The Recap

I'm back from a lovely week in Jacksonville!  While it was great fun, reality hit us when we were driving home and realized we had to be back to our normal lives.  Ugh.  How can I be a beach gal forever???  *Le sigh*   (Check out our photo antics here or wait for a photo entry later this week!) 

At least I'm all caught up on the Project Runway fun and can I just say

JOSH-U-A, what in the FUCK is wrong with you??!!?!?  You have totally embarrassed yourself AND all the people who have been tweeting your tag for Fan Favourite (like me).
What's up with the mood swings, bb?  Is there some bipolar action you're hiding from us?

My brooding sweetheart. I know there's good in there somewhere...

...At least I thought there was and then I saw this shirt:

KA-POW. Um...what is that?  Joshy, you were right - that shirt would totally distract the judges from Team Nuts & Bolts.  It sure as shit has distracted me.  BUT the more I look at it, the more I like it - only because you have serious man-cleave happening and I like it.


Butseriouslyfolks - I was a little scared of Josh in this episode.  He has some issues he needs to work out, sure, but shouldn't take it out on others.  Especially on poor, poor Becky.

Becky has been this season's whipping boy (err...girl) and it hurts because, yes her designs might be a little plain but I see the potential. She has more potential than, say, Olivier.

I said it.

Why?  Because!  Olivier has been consistently boring and his collection at Fashion Week (I'm NOT spoiling anything since the 9 remaining designers ALL showed at Fashion Week - see here) is TERRIBLE.  The styling is awful, the colours are gross (I'm not a fan of earthy tones, btw - sue me!) and all the looks are boring - except for maybe 1 or 2...but that doesn't excuse the terribleness of it all.  Ugh.

That being said - maybe Becky might not have turned it out during Fashion Week....eep!  Sorry Becky!

I don't know.  This season is rough.  Mondo was such a design high after the post-Christian lull.  Anthony Ryan might cure the design woes - but his Fashion Week collection was a little rough for me - except the blue arm and the Fifth Element vibe.  I'm not feeling the glasses, AR, I'm a little over that look.

I will say this about Joshua: the blog-o-sphere is saying that he's using his mom's death to get sympathy points and while I believe that that's certainly true, I also believe that he hasn't made peace with the loss of his mother.  Yes, it was two years ago and I know that's, like, FOR-E-VER for some of you folks but I've been catching myself lash out like that only because I find myself thinking about Nate sometimes and I get all bipolary.  Sure, Nate wasn't related to me but it was a loss just the same.  I'm not looking for sympathy votes from anyone and I still get all weepy and cranky because I find myself thinking about the fact that he's gone.  It's all unconscious too - I never realize I'm thinking about him until the realization hits me that he really is gone.
I'm not making up excuses for my dear Joshua and I'm not justifying his behaviour either.  I'm just saying that I understand the reason for his blow up both for the competition and away from it.  I wouldn't put it past him to use that to his advantage (even though it is kinda low).

Until next time!