Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Funday: Arts & Crafts, Ancient Aliens & TC: Just Desserts

So far my weekends have been pretty chill and I ain't even mad. Today was even more chill - which has been good and bad.
The good: I've been really productive! I had a vision, of sorts, for my outfit for Wednesday's excursion and I jumped out of bed to make it. What is it? It's a hot pink shirt that I bought a while back to put a metallic Pegasus iron-on transfer. But alas, the transfer didn't make it. Why? Because I had bought an animal print dye kit that needed to be explored. The zebra stencil was calling my name so I accidentally mixed up some blue, got my shit together and mixed up some black and sprayed my little heart out to something horrifying: the spray nozzle was super splattery! I hadn't counted on that at all because I had left a lot of the fabric exposed - which made a clear line around the stencil. Oh well, too late to turn back right? Luckily I had started on the top right shoulder area and I worked my way down in a diagonal - ending on the bottom left. It actually looked pretty neat! Like a zebra printed tire track! Along the way, I added splatters and dye drops to add a little something to the design.

And that was only yesterday.

This morning, I jumped out of bed with a vision of stencils that lived in the middle of the zebra patterns. My first thought was to burn a screen but I didn't have the patience. I guess I wanted something more...instant. So I gathered my thoughts, cut a rather large piece of freezer paper and very carefully traced out 4 of the same stencil. While it took a toll on m y back, I was happy to do it this way because if I had done a silk scree, I would still be working on it now...
Anyways, I placed it very daintily on my shirt and ironed away. Then came the fun part: painting! Each stencil got its own color so I took my time and carefully colored each stencil with silver, blue, yellow and green. I let it sit for a couple of hours and realized something was missing: another stencil. back.
I sucked it up and cut out another stencil. While I was working on this fifth and final stencil, I happened to be watching Top Chef: Just Desserts. While I'm a fan of the Top Chef franchise, I wasn't too jazzed about Just Desserts until I heard about a contestant who has a very distinct name: MINE. This contestant is named Katzie. Granted, she has an "e" at the end of her name but still - that's my name !
And since I missed the first part of the show, I gathered that they had a Willy Wonka challenge and guess what? Katzie won! It was neat but really weird to hear my name on tv. I haven't heard it on tv since that one set of Sailor Moon episodes with the four sisters (and one of them was named Katsy). LOL. I did what I thought I should do: I ran around yelling, "I won! I won! Thanks Gail, Hubert, guest judge who I don't know and rockabilly host guy!" That's what people do when reality show contestants have their names and win, right?

After that, there was NOTHING on tv. Nothing. So what do I do? Turn on my trusty Nexflix Instant and watch a mini marathon of Ancient Aliens. that really made time fly by. Before I realized it, I had cut my shirt, stenciled one more thing with the cutout of the last stencil, splattered more dye and visualized what I would do once my shirt is done setting - which will be in about 4 more hours. Hopefully it will be everything I was thinking of and hopefully I'll be able to get it done by Wednesday morning!
Where am I going on Wednesday? It's a surprise. All I can say is that I wish my brother was joining me...Oh well. Maybe next time?

The bad thing about my chill weekends is that I'm antsy and all I want to do is dance! Obviously, a night out is in order. The other thing I want to do is sleep in. Not just on the weekends, I want to sleep in every day. If only...