Friday, September 2, 2011

Projet Runway: The Art of the Matter - The Recap

Unfortunately I missed the first half of the show - I was having dinner with my bestest best friend in the entire universe - but I was able to catch up on the last half right before the runway show and can I just say WTF BERT? WHAT THE MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS IS THIS THING???
And Heidi, getting crazier by the episode, loved it. She LOVED it.


Thankfully, there were other inspired outfits that walked down the runway...

Becky made a nice return to the competition (after her spirit was almost snuffed out last week)

Cute, right?

Anya and her damn patterns. Can she make a garment without patterned textiles? I'm not sure...

Bryce made a weird straight jacket thingamajig

Joshua C had the MOST inspiring painting to work with and although I really enjoy this outfit, it was not right for this challenge

Kimberly's bird dominatrix - which I really like

Joshua M's tree. So cute (although "cute" shouldn't belong in an avant garde challenge...sorry bb)

PS - the initials on the bottom are for him and his mom. Cuteness!!

Olivier's Valium dress


Viktor's "safe" dress

Laura's updated Belle dress for the new alt version of Beauty and the Beast
PS - Becky's hot model is here so I guess they get switched around...Of course she is OWNING this altDisney dress!

And last but certainly not least, the WINNER: Anthony Ryan!!
After last week's emotional roller coaster involving AR, Laura and yucky Bert, I'm so happy that Anthony Ryan won this week!! Take that Heidi! You were going to send him home!! I bet you're really glad he stuck around because imagine what Cecilia would've made...Ewwww. I'll be out of town next week but I will *try* to make it for the two teams of 5 challenge that's coming up! I'm not excited to see Joshua M tears but I am excited to see Joshua regulating on Bert! Shut him down, Joshua M! Shut him down!! Maybe Joshy will pull out another shirt with sleeves on it? Who knows!
Of course, you all know I LOVE the spiky studded shoulder harness!!  I want one!!

Sorry Josh C, I had to "X" you twice :(

Anyways...Dragon*Con is this weekend.  I'm going to pop in - in costume this time!  It's all finished.  I need to iron my shirt, blazer and tie because, you guessed it, I'm going as Blaine Anderson from Glee!  Originally I wanted to be Nurse Joy from Pokemon but I didn't have time to look for those elements so I was thinking about what could be done quickly and awesomely and the Dalton Academy uniform was pretty easy to make.  I need to do some slight alterations for Halloween but I'm really happy with how it turned out!  I'll be sure to post some pics later!!

If you're in Atlanta, please find me and say hello!!

Until next time...