Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dresses for a wedding - What do I pick?

Well...it's official.  The old man and I are going to Jersey to attend Cassie and Mark's wedding!  We're so excited and Cassie expressed her excitement on the phone last night.  So with all that excitement, there's one HUGE dilemma: what on Earth do I wear?  I've only just started looking and the wedding is less than a month away!  Eeep!  I've been loving all the plus size dresses I've been seeing on Mod Cloth but I'm having such a hard time deciding what to pick.
I LOVE the Windy City Dress in Strawberry but I also love the Teal Deal Dress, the Soda Fountain Dress (and all the colour variations!) and the Ignite the Night Dress.


I'm not quite sure why I'm drawn to red dresses (except for the Teal Deal Dress) and I certainly don't want to do black for a wedding!