Monday, September 17, 2012

Photo Post!

So much stuff has been happening!
My office finally got painted at work and I'm in the process of reorganizing for all my new equipment that's supposed to come in soon...

My office today Everything has been moved out!

I experimented with a gradient mani and IT WORKED!! The red and black version is my favourite so far but the pink fade is looking pretty good too!

  I think I'm getting the hang of the faded look

Coffee jokes

There aren't enough espresso shots in the world for me right now ☕☕

These two kids were adorable! I caught them posing at The Varsity while I was stuck in traffic on North Ave.

You can't leave ATL without a photo in front of The Varsity

I finally got a shot of this sign! Too bad it was at 1:30am but still.


The old man and I went for some delicious vegan pancakes at a new spot we haven't tried yet


On that same trip, I was finally able to capture a photo of the BEST display EVER!

This is a true statement