Friday, September 21, 2012

Project Runway: Get a Kick Out of Fashion - The Recap!

Last night was too cute!  Christopher was freaking out because of the Rockettes and Dmitry was all "Heidi in that short green outfit. Whoa."  Easy there cowboy.  I thought you had hearts for Elena?!  I kid.  This challenge was too cute - and SPARKLY.  It was like my childhood dreams threw up all over the place.  There was glitter, rhinestones, pink, more glitter and even MORE rhinestones.  It was like all my drag fantasies come true!  But the designers didn't have a whole lot of time to work that first day of construction.  Why?  They were sent to a dinner!  Aww.  How sweet.  Another distraction!  It proved to be the most distracting for Sonjia since she was rolling her eyes the entire time (that we saw, anyway) and during her Skype call to her BF, you could tell she was losing steam.  Also, Elena took that time to apologize for being a bitch.  Huhwhatnow?  For real?  She apologized to Dmitry?  Can Dmitry and Elena just have babies already?!  Ugh!  It's driving me crazy!  I thought for sure they were going to sneak off and makeout during the dinner the designers went on.  Oh well.  Maybe later?  At least they finally buried the hatchet.  I guess you won't need that silver bullet and wooden stake, Dmitry.

So let's start the Project Runway Pride Day Rockettes Challenge glitter throwdown with Dmitry's new BFF Elena.

Girl. GURL. You said it looked like a band costume. GIRL. It IS a band costume. But you know what? It's not the worst outfit from this challenge.

If you were sitting in the back row of Radio City Music Hall, you could definitely see all the sparkle. That's for damn sure. And I like how Dmitry was all "Why do you make things you hate". Why would he say that? Well, Elena always complains about how she hates her fabric choices and the patterns and blah blah blah. She's an artist and if she's an artist like me, she will totally hate everything she's ever done. I can totally sympathize with her because as an artist, I'm always second guessing my work. It's never really done until it's handed off for that deadline or cutoff date or whatever and even then, it's still not done because I continue to see flaws in my work no matter how old it is. I feel you, girl. We can't all be crazy talented and amazing like Dmitry and turn out a beautiful piece executed to perfection the first time, every time. Most artists don't work that way...

Moving on to Elena's new BFF, Dmitry. His ballroom dance competition costume making skills definitely came into play and I LOVED IT. He hasn't really sexed up anything in a long time and this was extremely sexy.

Heidi loved it, of course (with all that skin showing), and so did all the judges. Fabio said something about the movement: When she [the model] stands still, it still moves. Ugh. So gorgeous. And normally, I'm not crazy about his model but she looked like a vision last night. Well done!

I don't know why Sonjia seemed to lose major steam but she totally phoned it in and Michael Kors had the second best line of the night by calling this look a "Crazy disco turkey".  YES GIRL.

I mean, Sonjia didn't just put a bird on it, she put plucked, like, a whole family of birds and just threw it together. I think Heidi & Co. were so upset by this and I think that's what prompted Heidi's tough love speech to designers. It's not playtime anymore kids, this shit is for keeps now.  SERVE IT HEIDI.  Sonjia should've been sent home for this bullshit but I'm glad she wasn't because...

Ven got the boot last night!  Finally!  I was so happy to see him go!  He was also losing major steam and I think it was because he got a major talking to about his stupid flower shit.  Too bad, Ven.  I think you might've forgotten the show you're on because you do realize this show is about stepping OUTSIDE your comfort zone, yes?  This look prompted the BEST line of the night by none other than Dmitry (who has been serving up one-liners like nobody's business): "Listen to Tim and put some glitter on it".  Ha!  Love it!  This line trumps "crazy disco turkey" because, well, we expect those kinds of shenanigans from Kors...

Oops. My blog went to sleep for a minute there. Yes, the colour was pretty and the netting was cute but holy shit this was boring. Think about it: 36 gorgeous Rockettes in that snoozefest? No thanks.

Fabio has been flying comfortably under the radar and that's kinda pissing me off.  Why?  This outfit was starting to freak me out during the construction because it looked like super huge rick-rack on the top.  I was only slightly concerned and maybe a little disappointed BUT when this look came down the runway, I swooned BIG TIME.

Fabio's model looked like she freakin walked out of the artwork around Rockefeller Center FOR REALS.

Prometheus photobomb

I think that point was definitely lost on the judges, though.  That skirt was CRAY and I want one so bad!  Fabio should've been in the top for this!  He did such an amazing job!  If I ever wanted a Greek Goddess / female Trojan warrior look, FABIO IMMA CALL YOU.  This look was gorgeous!

Melissa was clearly taking the overly ambitious route for this challenge and she definitely bit off more than she could chew for this.  I'll agree with Ven about Melissa working way too slowly.  Or was it Christopher?  I don't remember - either way, she's too slow and too methodical for some challenges.  It's not a bad thing AT ALL - it's just not gonna work on this show, girl.

While her model was styled super cute, I wasn't crazy about the giant number 1 on her boobs and neither were the judges. I guess it was that situation where you work with something long enough, you start missing things - like a giant number 1. I feel you girl. At least Ven offered his help to hand sew some things for you and Tim showed you some mercy by giving you all a second chance shopping trip to Mood.

Christopher worked this one OUT.  I thought for sure he was going to go down in flames with his ambitious NYC skyline but DAMMIT this shit is FLAWLESS.


Personally, I would've like just a tad more colour in this but this look was AMAZING.  His model looked like the perfect little China Doll and the buildings were crafted so well!  He really wowed the judges this time and I think the Rockettes will flip out over this look.  And they're so lucky they get to wear it for a performance!  Hooray for Christopher!  If that didn't launch him to the top of the Fan Fave list, I don't know what can.

I would've LOVED to have seen what kind of awesomeness Gunnar would've turned out for this challenge!  Wait - what's that?  Gunnar retweeted that from me?!  BEST EMAIL TO WAKE UP TO EVER! (besides getting a message via She Loves You Blog's Tumblr ask box about how I have a message from Gunnar!)

I can't even believe it! Thank you so much Gunnar!!  You're, like, my Project Runway blog BFF right now!  Thank you for the shout outs!!  #TEAMGUNNAR FOREVER!!!