Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friday Fun Gets Medieval

When I woke up on Friday morning, I was still on a bit of a high from meeting Kevin Gillespie the night before.  I expected work to be the same ole, same ole.  I expected Avid woes and weird requests and the usual array of work shenanigans.

Boy, was I WRONG.

Sure, Avid was giving me a case of *Sad Panda* but Heather and I were able to sneak out for a little Pinkberry - which was an unexpected treat.  I was also able to share the Pinkberry love with my fave coworker via surprise Pinkberry delivery!

Pinkberry Friday

That was a nice diversion but once it was over, I sat in my cave of an office and lamented my time with Avid.  Not to mention I slowed my computer down in a major way trying to use the extrude function in After Effects CS6.  Oh, the horror, I know.
Then, my phone started ringing as I was exiting out of programs and shutting things down.  It was Lauren - who I haven't seen in FOREVER!  I'd been feeling like a bad friend because I hadn't seen her since the Summit (a month ago already!) and it had been way too long.  But I was to see Lauren again by way of a birthday celebration for one of her Medieval Times.


I've been wanting to go there FOREVER but I was never sure about their menu options being accommodating to the Vegan in my life but, to my surprise, they have Vegan options!  There was a Vegan in our party and they made sure her items came out separately from ours.  How sweet!  You know what else was sweet?  Fuckin' Medieval Times!  It was just like that scene in The Cable Guy and more!

I kid.  Well, actually, I don't kid because it was like The Cable Guy only audience members weren't allowed to fight in the pit.  Our party was placed in the green section so we had the Green Knight - who was channeling medieval James Franco realness via Pineapple Express.  Not my cuppa tea but he was our knight so I got CRAZY into it.  You can't help it!  The challenges are going, the horses are werkin, the knights are jousting...and all you wanna do is yell for your section's knight.  Don't fight it.  Don't be "too cool for school".  It's gonna happen no matter what.  I was lucky enough to score carnation from Mr. Green Knight himself!  LOL

Aww snap - it's the Green Knight!

My friend Richy described it as being "the most metal thing" he had ever done and I'll have to agree - it's pretty fucking metal.  And  I was trying to yell funny stuff but all these Game of Thrones references kept coming out and I don't think anyone got my "Winter is coming" lolz but whatever.  Medieval Times was crazy!  And I want to do it again!!  I need an excuse to go again!!

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