Monday, December 31, 2012

Good bye 2012, Hello 2013!

Sadly, my 366 project is over!  Can you believe it?!  2012 - GONE!  Well, almost...
I know I had all these grand ideas for my 366 project and even though I didn't do a "Theme Week" or whatever else I had set out to do, my photos have proven that the Photo-A-Day thing can be fun!  It's also my equivalent to a Gratitude Jar.
What's that, you ask?  I've been seeing some posts on Tumblr and Pinterest about making a Gratitude Jar on January 1st.  Basically, you write one nice thing that happened to you everyday (or for that month) and then on December 31st, you read them all and express your gratitude for such a wonderful year.  Not bad.  I thought about how nice that would be and then I realized that my 366 project was already doing that for me!
So to honour that, I'll post my 5 favorite photo(s) from each month from my 366 photos.  This might be a tough one...

Photos after the jump!


Happy 2012!! Necklaces Oh dear lord - Paul is letting me play the drums...Does anyone have extra Star Power to save me? Paul 31/366: Buildings


34/366: Brad 36/366: Drips 39/366: The Black Belles 40/366: Bleached 56/366: Tweedle Dope & Tweedle Dupe


63/366: Happy birthday Nate! I hope you're having the ultimate party! XOXO 64/366: Visiting with Nate 80/366: Editing Timeline 83/366: By the slice Work with Michael


Live your dream Hibiscus Botanica Bone Garden Cantina Bouquet


Welcome home! Holla! The Queers! Drunken Unicorn Hello


Coca-Cola Childish Gambino The falls Sharon Needles Savannah Leigh


Best Coast Charles Chatov adding some Friday the 13th action to my stars Childhood Wave Old San Juan


Sunbather Cashin out Smile Bakery Morning light


You can't leave ATL without a photo in front of The Varsity This is a true statement Panorama experiment Another Nice One Ponderosa


Love Park The Mr. & Mrs! Logan Square My mom and my aunt Embers


Day of the Dead party Videos playing Tarts Cookie dough pie - day 2 Desserts


Me and Kevin Gillespie Medieval Times! Mario's surprise party! Nick cutting up some delicious chocolate cake Burning embers

So there you go - my faves from this crazy year!  I hope 2013 will be as awesome as we all want it to be.  I send you all love and light for the New Year!