Monday, December 17, 2012

We have an office prankster...

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts!  It's so hard to do much of anything when you're preparing for the holidays!  Honestly, I've been updating Hello Avid more because that's taking up most of my time now.  This transition has been hard but I think I'm getting the hang of it now...Don't get me wrong - it's still a pain but I'm getting there!

Honestly, I had no idea this was a thing until they started talking about it at work so if you're familiar with the whole Elf on the Shelf thing, you'll enjoy this.  A coworker set up our new friend, Elvin, to be the office prank elf.  The whole idea is: if Elvin pranks your office space, you have to prank someone else and share the Christmas cheer.
Our first prank was a bit lofty since we went after...the President of the company.  Go big or go home, right?  Don't worry, though - it was harmless.

Elvin's first prank

Just some naughty blackboard wall writing.

The next prank was on someone else's desk.  Again, harmless.

Image via the office FB page

Then I came in one day to find this

Elvin pranks my office

With a note that read: "I was trying to help you with video production but my nose kept running...don't mind my cooties. Elvin"

Great...what on Earth was I going to do?!  I wasn't enthusiastic about the whole Elf on the Shelf thing so I wanted to take it and do something a little more...dramatic.  Like what?  Like take the little guy and send him on a bender on an unsuspecting desk.  I envisioned PBR cans and airplane bottles of booze all over the place but when I revealed my plan to the originator of the office prank elf thing, he scolded me and told me to keep it PG.  Rats.

SO - to keep it PG, I decided to prank one of my favorite coworkers - our Education Supervisor.  He's a music guy so I went the music route.

Elvin pranks Mark

I wanted the silliest things I could find - hence the burger and fries headphones plus the drum set (and a little word bubble with favorite way of announcing class).  I was kind of upset that I was going to miss out on his reaction but luckily, another coworker had a computer problem and I was asked to investigate.  Lucky for me since I was able to watch the reaction to the prank!  Needless to say, he liked it.  Mission accomplished!  I can't wait to see who he pranks next - but has to be before the Christmas - New Year's break!

(I'm hoping the photos from my prank make it to the office FB page.  It's been about a week now...)

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