Monday, December 17, 2012

Good friends and schlocky schweaters

This weekend, our awesome friends (and cutest couple ever) Jen and Nick hosted a Schlocky Schweater Christmas Party which was lots of fun!

Here I was thinking that no one else would have my look but, wouldn't you know it, two other girls showed up with the same sweater vest! Oh well. At least I brought a back up outfit!

Untitled J Chocolate cake
Nick cutting up some delicious chocolate cake Nick Table spread Untitled

Gotta love those Holiday / house warming parties! It was so great seeing Jen and Nick! They're, honestly, the sweetest couple ever.  I was so happy that Jen found a guy to treat her like a princess and Nick is the perfect gentleman.  They're perfect for each other!  I love them so much I wish they didn't live so far away (the drive to their place was just barely under an hour) and I know Jen has an erratic schedule since she still works at the jewelry channel where we reconnected.  It turned out that Jen's ex was "friends" with some of my friends and we crossed paths a few time in high school without even knowing it!  Small world!  That's why I'm so thankful Jen found Nick.  He's wonderful and I love spending time with them.  I wish we could do it more!
We did that thing we always do - we promised to get together more often but you know what?  I want to make good on that promise this time.  After seeing some of the old Movie Night gang, I got really nostalgic and I'm hoping we can get together like we used to!  I love my friends!