Monday, August 19, 2013

More SMASH*Book Adventures!

Not gonna lie - I've kinda turned my SMASH*Book-ing adventures into a bit of a joke on the ol' Tumblr.  Here's a sample of my latest pages:

The first one was an experiment with ribbon, found construction paper (I had it in my bookcase upstairs all along!) and Elmer's glue (because the attached glue stick to the pen wouldn't cut it).  I based my bunting experiment on the English flag tutorial at the Wreck This Girl blog here.  So cute and so easy!

The second page was my realization that I didn't have anything from when we all saw "Despicable Me 2".  I think I gave the girls back their ticket stubs for their books and I guess I had thrown mine out or lost it.  Enter more paper crafting!  Since this past weekend was a much-needed chill one, I decided to turn on Ancient Aliens and get to craftin'.  Not bad, eh?

And because I got a comment shout-out from Shaunte over at the Crafts Unleashed post that sold me on SMASH*Books, I decided I'd jump ahead to using a newly purchased SMASH*Book as a daily journal!  In my header page, I called it the "original blog" LOLOLOLLL.  I'm still deciding how it will look and what will be in it but I'm doing it, dammit!  I still can't wait for her daily tutorial, though!  Maybe that will help me feel a little more inspired...

I'm sure I'll be posting a lot of SMASH adventures here!  You have been warned...  :)

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