Friday, August 23, 2013

The SMASH*Book Daily Journaling Adventures Continue

On Monday, I admitted I was doing a daily SMASH*Book journal thing and so far, it has been lots of fun!  At first, I had NO idea about what to post so I did what I see most blogger do: I took photos of my  outfit for that day and wrote a little about it and got stuck - what do I post next?  Well, I definitely saved some blank space so I could maybe glue in some True Blood screen caps the following morning.  And boy, was it hilarious!

Yes - I made a flame for the Eric screen caps I printed out.  WHAT.  Who am I??

So - for Tuesday and Wednesday, it was the same deal: outfit photos with whatever happened that day. But I had a hard time filling in the blanks for Tuesday since it was pretty uneventful.  As I was trying to find a way to fill it, I cut out the cutest folder template from the Wreck This Girl blog and made the design more of my own by laying a base of my cute Washi tape down on some construction paper.

Cute, right?!  I love the roses on the original template and I definitely plan on using it once I can print it onto some sturdy card stock.  So cute!!  Yes, I cut around the outside lines on the original because I wanted my folders to be slightly bigger - but not my much.  The extra bit helped out!

Anyway - it's getting a little tough to fill out pages for this daily journal thing but that's part of the challenge, right?!  Here are some pages from my first week:

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday


I still can't get over the silliness of the flame I made for the True Blood screen caps!
Tuesday was a little rough so I decided to fill it out with my footage experiment that I wrote about on Hello Avid and my new favorite blog: Bitchface: The Masterworks.  Check it out!
For Wednesday, as you can see, I dedicated a page to Pinkberry's Pinkberry!  The cherry flavor that's out right now is SO GOOD!!!
Thursday was a bit of a slow day as well but when my friend Carter emailed me that photo of him holding a bunny, I knew it had to go in the book.  That bunny is too cute!

One thing about my book is that when I picked it out, I didn't really pay attention to what the plastic cover had said.  The plastic cover said it was 365 journal - or something like that - but I didn't flip through it at the store - I just bought it.  Me and my impulsiveness, huh?  Once I opened it to start journaling was when I realized that it each page was themed for each month.  Thursday's pages are on a Groundhog Day theme.  Today's is cute because it's a Friday post on Valentine's Day themed pages.  Cute for Friday, right?!  So, to hide my goof, I'm trying to cover up the themes as much as I can.  Like the Tuesday post for National Opposite Day (on January 25th)...Kind of the double challenge of journaling daily AND covering up out-of-date stuff.  Silly me.  Hopefully there will be enough stuff for me to finish the book through the rest of the year and I can start another one on time next year!

Happy Friday!