Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wacky Wednesday: My Top 10 Gifs

I was going through my gif tag (ALL 32 pages of them) on the Tumblr and I'm CRYING LAUGHING at the stupid things I post / reblog!!  Why was hitting up my gif tag?  I was actually looking for something work-related.  Whaaaaaaat?!  Yes, I really, truly was.
SPOILER: I didn't find it BUT I did find my top 10 favorite gifs to share with you!

You know me - I love blood on people and this gif from Neil Jordan's Byzantium is the most beautiful display of people covered in blood that I have ever seen.  No surprise because it's Neil FREAKING Jordan.


ALWAYS REBLOG Slappa da bass mon!


Paul Rudd is endlessly cute as the socially awkward Peter Klaven in one of my most favorite silly movies - I Love You, Man.  And if you're familiar with the conversations my brother and I have on Tumblr, you know that I'm slowly becoming Peter Klaven

It wouldn't be a gif post without some GLEE!! Oh my gosh! I open my mouth and a little purse falls out!


So great! I forget what was happening here but I remember LOVING this lil scene.  Oh that's right - Mercedes was having a hilarious dream sequence ^__^

Coffee times courtesy of yours truly


This was in preparation for the coffee video I did - which you can watch here

This list wouldn't be complete without at least ONE Jersey Shore gif, right?


Pauly D and cake.  Need I say more?

Pizza AND a shark!!


It's Shark Week.

And since this is the final season of Dexter, I HAD to throw my favorite Dexter gif in here!


Not gonna lie - this one made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe and there were tears streaming down my face.

It wouldn't be a list of faves without this "WTF" moment


I mean, seriously, WTF???



Seriously, I love this gif so much, I had to put it to music.  And because I love that song so much, I had to record a praying mantis dancing to it on my Instagram.  Watch it!

And last but certainly not least - WAVVES NOTHIN BUT NET


Nothing quite like bb Nathan being his adorable self.

And you're right - I did post this to the Tumblr already but you know what?  It's better with descriptions.  And you know there will be a Part II because there were WAAAAY more funny ones.  I mean, come on, I combed through 32 pages of gifs and I'm constantly reblogging more and more every day so...there's that.

Happy Wednesday!!

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