Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wacky Wednesday: Gif Party!

I think I might *try* and stick to Wednesdays being my day to post the top ten of my favorite gifs!
Let's see how long this lasts...

To honour True Blood's (horrible) finale, here's Jessica (Debrah Ann Woll), Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) being adorbs

To honour Teen Wolf's crazy-ass Summer finale, here's Tyler Hoechlin being too handsome for words.  I was bummed to find out that season 3 filming happened in L.A. even though the first 2 seasons were filmed in Atlanta.  If I had been on the Teen Wolf train back then, I might've stalked Mr. Hoechlin at the club (since he's the closest to my age ha! LOLJK but seriously - how is he even real?)

To mourn the fact that Hulu Plus hasn't updated which episodes of Supernatural season 8 are online and the possibility that we might not be able to catch up before season 9 starts airing, here is a classic Dean / Sam exchange

Miss u, Winchester bros

Zachary Quinto posing for a photo shoot in water. DREAMBOAT!! (lololollll) But seriously - DAMN. IT.

The Great Gatsby will be coming out on DVD soon so here's some DiCaprio / Gatsby action. You KNOW I'm going to get the BluRay and watch ALL the director's commentary, right? Nerd alert!

In sweet anticipation for Glee and for purely selfish reasons, here's Darren Criss being adorbs.  I need more Darren Criss in my life.

Because it's a goal of mine to see the Aurora Borealis some time soon in my life...

A magnificent gif of a volcano erupting on Jupiter's moon, Io. Isn't space beautiful?

Infomercials, amirite?

And here's some serious cute overload!

I'm glad today's installment was less gory than last week. I was getting worried about posting more bloody stuff since I have a few favorite Evil Dead gifs waiting to be posted but I'll space them out :)

Happy Wednesday!