Monday, September 16, 2013

Last night's Breaking Bad = Heart Attack City

Yesterday was quite the day for anxiety and me.  I'll spare you the details (but you can read about it here if you want).  After a harrowing day filled with work stress, anxiety, panic and confusion, I *thought* I was ready for the conclusion of the events from last week's Breaking Bad.

Boy, was I wrong.

Breaking Bad spoilers after the jump!

In the mean time, enjoy these puppy photos

I should note that I totally called a few things last week:

  • Hank would get a superficial wound (he ended up getting shot in the leg)
  • Walt would try to save Hank's life to no avail (Hank ended up getting short execution-style in front of Walt)
  • Jesse will be spared (thank goodness!!!)
  • Gomez was going to die (of course he would since he was standing in the middle of the shootout with a shotgun)
  • Either Jesse or Walt would have to cook with Todd (I wasn't sure who Todd would recruit but it was Jesse in the end, thank goodness)
I could feel Hank's death, to be honest, but it still gave me a major moment of panic when it actually happened.  I didn't want him to die that way but I guess it was only a natural result based on Walt's actions up to now.  I didn't expect Walt to still give the go-ahead for Jesse's execution.  HOLY CRAP!!!  I was on the verge of tears and my heart was thumping so hard during this exchange that I thought it was going to break through my ribcage.

In my Tumblr adventures this morning, I started following the Heisenberg Chronicles Tumblr and let me tell you - I fucking LOVE IT.  The above gifs came from it and it's full of wonderful screen caps and gifs from the show.  I don't know why it had never crossed my dash before!  I'm just glad I'm following now in the final stretch.

Then, I got two anonymous messages regarding my frantic "live-blogging" during last night's episode.  The first one addressed the flash forward where future Walt was shown at the beginning of the season with hair and a trunk full of guns.
The second one addressed the flash froward where future Walt goes back to his abandoned house and retrieves the secret stash of ricin he had hidden behind an electrical outlet.  Check out those comments.  I don't think I have the strength to re-post them here...

This post and the resulting comment from a follower spawned this post from me earlier this morning.  I will say this: I've NEVER been a fan of Skylar.  She never should've been involved.  I always said a big part of Walt's undoing would be because of her.  I know Walt has ego issues and he wanted to be in the "Empire Business" and while Walt's actions led to an intense fuck-up, Skylar is also to blame for trying to make decisions for Walt when she had NO IDEA what was actually going on.  She never saw what Walt and Jesse saw in their time together so she had NO RIGHT to make any of those calls.  I think at that point, Walt was just going with it because he wanted to keep his family together.  I think it's safe to say it was ripped apart in the worst way possible with BOTH sides to blame.

Okay - I think I'm done agonizing over this episode.  What did you all think???