Monday, September 30, 2013

Breaking Bad - This is the end

It happened last night.  Breaking Bad came to a close.
And while I wanted it to end like this:


It ended more like...

You want spoilers?  They're under the cut, yo.

Walter White was NEVER going to let Jesse die.  I mean, come on.  Even if we all thought he was going to let Jack and Todd and their crazy-ass family kill him, you know Walt would have NEVER let them pull the trigger.

Or would he have?

NO!  I feel like Jesse was the son Walt secretly always wanted.  I know that sounds harsh but I think it's true.  Walt always wanted Jesse to excel.  Cooking was their "thing".  Both Jesse and Walt were really, really good at it.  So when Walt jumped on Jesse at Todd's "compound", I jumped out of my bed.  He never meant to hurt him.  Walt threw himself on top of Jesse to make it right.

But the two BEST parts of the episode?

That moment when Jesse took Todd's life.


And when Walt watched Jesse drive away.


I was so happy to see sweet Jesse drive away!  The way Walt looked at him was perfect.  For a moment there, I thought Jesse was going to back up into Walt and then drive right over him but there was no way he would do that.  Walt had been dead from the beginning of the damn series.

I mean, what do you do to a dead man, huh?  Walt was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He was a dead man walking since episode one.  If you're going to go out , go out with a bang, right?  YOLO and all that?  I still stand by what I said about Walt here.  At least Jesse was finally free of all his captors: Todd and his shitty family and, yes, Walter White.

I loved those guys.  Walter, Jesse, Saul, Mike, the whole gang.  Yes, even Skylar (but she's at the way, way bottom of the list).  Breaking Bad was a wonderful show and I think the ending was wrapped up tighter than Dexter's.  And Lost's.  Yes, people are comparing Lost to Breaking Bad and Damon Lindelof is retweeting a shitload of tweets about it.  Just goes to show you can't please everyone...

Gonna miss the Breaking Bad gang but all things must come to an end.

Happy Monday!