Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday Gif Party!

For this week's gif party, I'll start on what gave me severe panic attacks on Sunday:

That nod that Walt gives as the "okay" to shoot Jesse was terrible and Jesse's reaction was heartbreaking! UGH...



Here's a pug being cute

I think Tina might be my spirit animal...

For more Tina-isms, see the full gif set (and watch Bob's Burgers!)

The lovely model Barbra Palvin...

Hey Saturn!

Cool gif interpretation of the Milky Way

I wanted some gore so here's part of Peter's transformation from human to werewolf on Hemlock Grove

Since I got my Wavves tickets in the mail for the 10/8 Masquerade show (the day after my birthday, y'all!), here's Stephen

Watch the Afraid of Heights music video HERE

Secret book art!  Check it out!

And purely for fun, here's Nicolas Cage's face on Miley's body in the Wrecking Ball video

Nic Cage version  /  Miley Cyrus version

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