Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Gif Party!

In honor of Charlie Hunnam being cast as Christian Grey, I'll start Gif Wednesday with this lovely gif:

Not my first choice but we all know that.  I will say that while I think he's a peculiar choice as Christian Grey, he's still pretty freakin' dreamy.  And now that we're almost caught up to the most current season of Sons of Anarchy, I think I'm gonna like Mr. Hunnam even more.  I really enjoy him as Jax Teller.  He does the bad boy thing so well.  I'm kinda excited to see how he portrays Mr. Grey...

I had a dentist appointment yesterday that left my jaw so sore so I bought myself The Great Gatsby and watched it all day long.  I'm not kidding.  I watched it all day.  I would get to various parts of the film and restart it (but I made sure to skip over the ending).

Bonus Gatsby gif because I want it

Here's Mr. Gosling from a deleted scene from The Place Beyond the Pines.

Click through for the gif set. Yes, there's more!

Here's a stunning piece from the Balmain Fall 2012 RTW Collection. I had seen photos but never a video of this beautiful piece.

Black Parade-era Gerard Way being all dreamy in "The Ghost of You" music video.

A skull in a salt lake. There's something about this gif that's very peaceful.

Moon rise

I'm not exactly sure where this is from but here's a magical unicorn because...well, because why not?

And finally, I'm not sure where this is from either but here's Channing Tatum SERVING IT.

Man, I love Tumblr!

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