Friday, September 27, 2013

The Glee-est Glee That Ever Glee-d

Okay, I'll admit - I had been falling out of love with Glee for some time now.  It's just not the same!  A lot of the characters we all know and love just aren't the same out of school as they were when they were still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed McKinley High students.  My Netflix is stuck on Season 2, Episode 6: Never Been Kissed.  Why?

Because that's where it all began!!  Where Kurt met Blaine!  I fast-forward right to this part.  Well, actually, I fast-forward to where Kurt first meets Blaine on the steps at Dalton.

And I cry EVERY TIME!  When they slow-motion run down the hall, hand in hand!  When Blaine sings "Teenage Dream" and he's singing right to Kurt!  Oh the love!!

Spoilers ahead - in case you missed it!

And then Kurt graduated and left Blaine feeling a little un-loved and so...Blaine strayed.  By accident.  And he realized that Kurt was the only one for him and it was such a wonderfully painful story because you know Blaine was wrong but you wanted Kurt to take him back anyways...

Fast-forward to last night's episode.  OH.  MY.  SWEET.  SWEET.  BLAINE.

I had absentmindedly put my hand on my old man's head while he was trying to sleep and I couldn't help it - I started crying.  I started crying once the trumpets started blaring.  I cried even more as they walked through the hallway where Blaine held Kurt's hand and I cried even MORE when they headed towards the room where Blaine sang "Teenage Dream".  The heart-stopper was when Kurt was led down the stairs where he and Blaine first met and I was DONE.  DONE!!  I was a sobbing mess!

Blaine's proposal was UNREAL!!!  You can read what he said here and cry tears of joy!  I was reading through my Tumblr dashboard and one post summed it up so much, I had to reblog it:

You guys I’m never getting married because no one on earth could propose to me with a speech as beautiful as Blaine’s to Kurt’s like I give up I’m done

So there you go.  Last night's Glee restored my faith in love once again and Kurt and Blaine will forever be my most favorite couple EVER.

Happy Friday!!

Bonus clip:
Here's Blaine, Sam, Jake and Ryder being an adorable version of the Fab Four as they serenade Tina (that lucky girl!!)

Blaine's best look, maybe?? I think so! Although, I do love him and his bow ties!!

PS - the title of this post came from my most favorite tumblr post of last night