Thursday, March 20, 2014

Incoming Mail + The Prettiest Calligraphy + Angel Kisses from Spodee

I have basically hit the ground running since last Thursday and I haven't stopped to catch my breath much since, but I was able to swing by the post office (finally!) and yesterday was another super awesome mail day!

The pretty calligraphy is by Kathleen.  Isn't it gorgeous?!  I'm almost too intimidated to write her back because I know my handwriting isn't the greatest...but isn't that the fun of pen pals?  You get to see so many wonderful styles of mail art, handwriting and all that fun stuff :)

I got these awesome Creepy Hearts Club hearts from Instagram user @unicornsandsnowcones!  How great are these?!  How great is her username?!

I also got lots of awesome postcards from Mary, Jess and Megan!  These gals are so awesome!

I definitely needed it - these past few days have been crazy and it's looking like it might calm down some before it picks back up again next week...In the mean time, I'm going to assemble some pretty postcards and thank yous for these ladies, get some more Spodee and relax while I can :)

I first heard about Spodee from awesome blogger, Jessie.  I mean, anything described as a "boozy Tootsie Pop" definitely gets my attention!  Not to mention their logo designs and marketing materials are pretty freaking awesome if you ask me!  The guy at the liquor store where I got it told me they had just gotten it in stock and after I lurked Spodee's Instagram, I saw that they recently started selling it in ATL!  What perfect timing!  I think now, I need to find an old milk bottle carrier (like the ones milkmen  used to carry) and get my very own sixer of these bad boys.  Seriously - it's so good!

Happy Thursday!

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