Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Incoming Mail!

At the end of February, Lena at Lovely Little Day (soon to be switching over to Tiny Painter) posted about sending out love letters to anyone who wanted them.  Whether you were going through a rough time or just wanted a handwritten letter, all you had to do was send Lena your mailing address and she would happily send you a letter.  It was such a sweet gesture so I sent her a request.  The letter that came was the sweetest, most inspirational letter I've ever gotten and I am so thankful that Lena was sweet enough to take time out of her day to write it just for me.  Thank you, Lena!

The little crochet heart is from Claire, who I did the Handmade Valentine Swap with!  There was the sweetest note inside and put an even bigger smile on my face!  Thank you, Claire!!

Happy Tuesday!

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