Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Incoming Mail + Ye Olde Tumblog Turned 5!


Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope your week has been going pretty well so far!
Things have been going absolutely CRAZY at work.  Yes, it's another "secret" project that's making us lose our minds so I was delighted to find some goodies in my mailbox!

The paper crane is from Bethany at Happy Crafter Bee.  She's sending out 1000 paper cranes to people all over the world!  Check out her story here and request your own!  I was so happy to see my little guy in the mail and I even sent a little something back as a thank you :)

The Polaroid is one of the two awesome purchases I made from Mini Penny Vintage.  The one that's not pictured is this wonderful liquid silver skirt that I'm hoping to be able to start wearing once the winter weather decides to exit stage left.  I was super excited to see the Polaroid camera up for sale that I had to snatch it up right away!  And last night, I ordered some film from the Impossible Project (the direct link isn't working right now...?).  I almost didn't buy the film since the reviews were iffy and the price is a little high for only 8 exposures but whatever.  YOLO and all that, right?

I love getting the emails from Tumblr on your blog's birthday and I was so happy to see that the She Loves You Tumblr has turned 5!  So crazy how time flies!

Hope you're having a good week!

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