Monday, February 9, 2009


Welcome to our blog!
We are 4 fabulous ladies in Atlanta designing clothing and accessories
you want to wear. The website is currently under construction but
we'll post it here once it's up and running.

Let us introduce ourselves:
Onisha - Lead Designer. Dance floor dame.
Katzi - Assistant Designer, Blog Mistress, Jewelry maker. Fly Emcee.
Lauren - P.R., Assistant Designer. Dude Wrangler
Emily - Dye Lab Technician. Enforcer.

So check back with us. We'll be posting pics of us in action (in the
studio and on the streets) as well as events we're having/attending,
reviews and other random thoughts that might come from us.

BTW: Stop by RuSans on Edgewood and ask for Emily or Lauren....they'll
love you if you did...!

Lots of Love,
She loves you and so do I