Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grocery List

Okay, so at work tonight, for some reason one of the Mexican cooks pulled a grocery list out of the trash that someone had thrown away and wanted an explanation what/why some of the things were on the list.  So here goes:

*Grocery List*
Sugar, Pizza, Fries, Lettuce, Paper Bags, Magic Markers, KY, Whipped Cream, Rat Poison, Eggplant, Water Balloons, Cucumbers, Flea Collar, Steel Reserve 211, Bean-o, Tic-Tacs, Razors, Choke Collar, Anal Beads (OMGWTF?!?!?)

Don't ask me why he pulled it out of the trash, but it must have been interesting looking to him.  He speaks almost perfect English but I'm sure that "Choke Collar" and "Anal Beads" are not too familiar with him - unless he's a homosexual.  I showed him the Rosary beads one of the other Mexicans was wearing and tried to explain what my thoughts were on that, even though I have never (and gladly) had any experiences with that sort of thing.  
I just thought I would share with you.