Friday, February 13, 2009

Lauren's Morning Conversation:

9am: Call from B-Money letting me know that he was my ♥Valentine♥ and
headed to ATL tonight after his last appointment at the salon...thank
god!!! He continued by telling me about how he wonders if girls are
late to their pap smears like they are to hair appointments...
Oh yes my baby is back
We will be hitting various gay nightclubs tonight
in his handbag full of rainbows!!!

10am: Get off the phone and I am asked by my "Future Ex-Boyfriend" if I
had refered to him as my boyfriend to my #1 gay on the phone ... I told
him I was nauseous and that I cringe at the thought of titles...So no Mr. you are NOT my boyfriend...

11am: Still nauseous

12pm: Party planning in full effect Mr. Not-So-Much-Boyfriend leaves
after I blab about my commitment issues for the last hour....thank

1pm: Wardrobe planning

To be continued . . .