Thursday, February 12, 2009

LOLZebras Attack!

What's up with the Z at the end of LOL (lolz) or at the beginning of OMG (zomg)??
Urban Dictionary says this about LOLZ - which me and Onisha always wrote LOLZebra because it never made sense. And, apparently, we were right on track. It also says this about ZOMG - which I (will start) writing OMGZebra. But in "Internet Speak", it would read OMGZ. Would that imply that I'm trying to say Oh My Gods, Zebras? Because that would make me Polytheistic here in the Bible Belt. Who knows. But if you read it out loud - in the way of Luh Mao - it reads like Ohm-Jizz, which could be Ohm Jizz my pants.
That's almost up there with, "Hey baby, wanna check out my stimulus package?"

I'm just sayin'...