Monday, February 9, 2009

February Happenings

Here's what we have happening for the love-filled month of February:

*Friday the 13th:
-La Chansons, Indigovox, Ryan Rulon, and J. Sol bring a pre-Valentine's dance party to East Atlanta Ice House (formerly Echo Lounge)! This is La Chansons first home show with their new band members! Come meet Richy on keyboards, Adam on drums, and Kyle on bass!

-East Atlanta Love: The EVOL Edition: Where Friday the 13th meets Valentine's Day
--Drum & Bass: Prolific and Gigantor
--Hip Hop: Lee Harvey Oswald, Deaf Judges, Drop Bombz
--Electro/Bootyshake: Rrrump VS Sorted
--Dub Step: Whisperlink, Wobble House

*Valentine's Day:
-"All is Fair in Love and War" Sloppy Seconds at MJQ
-AFTERLIFE: Return to Hell
-Cerebral Sabbath at Octane Coffee

Stay Tuned!