Saturday, February 21, 2009

♥Valentine's Day♥...Huzzah!

♥Valentines Day♥. Definitley not a day I will forget any time soon. Honestly I can't remember the last guy that took me out on February 14th so how could I pass up such a charming offer from such a charming man?

The original plan was to stay in and watch movies. Everyone that I spoke with had a fantastic time as they stayed at home with a loved one. He asked if I wanted to go out. I said, "Sure it'll be fun."

So here we are. Valentines Night. I'm looking cute. He's looking oh so handsome. My ladies and gays are hot as ever. We are ready to do this! So, being the responsible person that I am, I ask my escort to make sure I don't drink. Why? Well because I had no sleep last night and I wanted to be safe. 1st spot we hit is the Masquerade.

The venue isn't packed...yet. We all know that Afterlife can get out of control and it's well on its way. Unfortunately we must be on our way to our next spot. We get to the car. I look around me and I pull out into the empty lot in front....SCREECH...thud! I look at my date and quickly realize the back end of my car is at an incline... OMG.....I drove off the retaining wall! My first thought is "crap" my second thought is " the back tires better be on the ground or else we are stuck!" So, instead of hopping out and assessing the damage, my dumb ass puts on the gas. ....SCREEEECH...thud! I look at my date again with a "Ok we're down and not stuck" look. I slowly pull forward and hear the most god awful sound... crap! Before I can react, he's out of the car checking things out. What's the damage? Broken tail pipe. It's dragging on the ground. I'm in shock...well, it's more embarrassment than shock...I can't believe I just drove off of a wall!... I stare at him while as he attempts to remove the newly created nuisance. Breathe...calm down... I look around and see wall, wall, trees, cars....crap, are we stuck?! I wander away looking...praying for an opening... Aha! We can fit through there for sure. My date has abandoned trying to remove the tailpipe (good job on securing that thing Saturn!) and joins me in looking for a way out. Through here! Yeah?..I'll guide you... I manage to squeeze through and we decide the best thing to do is go to the Kroger across the street...we'll duct tape this puppy up!

So. Here we are. Valentines Night. Driving infront of a packed club. Dragging a tail pipe.

There's something dragging on your car!

....I wave.. Yeah thanks, I know!

Hey! Your car has something dragging on it!

Yeah I know...thank you.

Gestures at me

I give a thumbs up and an ok...

Finally we get to Kroger. Get out, duct tape and jimmy rig this thing up.... success!

Well, needless to say that event certainly put a cloud on things...I tried to shake it off but I still felt like an idiot for doing what I did. We make it to Sloppy and to El Bar but sadly not to Broke & Boujee because I am crashing. Please, I know you really want to go but I'm emotionally and physically drained....can we go home? Sure babe. Whatever you want.

So the evening ends with us at home watching an animation classic....the original plan. What more can a girl ask for? Good company and a good movie. All is right with the world in my eyes

Love. Luck. Lollipops